Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More news for the left wing

What GOP Senators had to say about judicial filibusters when Bush was president.

Romney wants to make Medicare an entitlement no more.

Matthew Yglesias reminds us what the real "worst case scenario" of a protracted bad economy.  He doesn't seem to think that the situation is as precarious as it was in 1933, and I agree, since being poor and jobless now is not nearly so bad, but it is still important to remember that protracted human suffering isn't just a bad thing on its own, but its also a bad thing because it leads to political instability.  The really bad kind.

Not to say that we can't make the human suffering worse, say by kicking people off of medicaid.

Really buddy, you can't find the money?  If you promise to keep somebody's money in a bank account for them, and then go use it to cover a bet at the race track, that's called theft.  When people do stuff like that, it makes me want to stuff my cash into my mattress, and with people stuffing cash into mattresses, the economy will never recover.

Again, banks get bailed out, ex-home owners get left out in the cold.  Literally, since it's december now.  I agree we should keep the banks from failing, anything less is just stupid.  But maybe we should demand some equity stake, and bail out the regular people, too?

Not political, but WTF, I thought this was the whole point of having a Tomb of the Unknowns.

45 GOP Senators who pledged to block ANY Consumer Protection Board nominee are just doing good work for the folks that pay their campaign bills.  Specifically the finance industry.

A jew would have had to seek forgiveness from his ex wives, rather than just ask God, as Newt did. Christians have explained to me that grace, or God's forgiveness of sin without need for earthly effort to put things right, is a major feature.  Somebody's going to have to explain to me why asking God for forgiveness makes it right when he could ask his ex wives for forgiveness first.  

No comments on Perry here, not because he's not an idiot (he still is, in spades), but because the Romney-Gingrich fight has legs, and paying attention to Perry just makes the fight less bruising.  And we wouldn't want that, now would we?

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