Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lefty Roundup

In which I go through my RSS feed from the morning and collect the best economic and political goodies.

They take "no socialism" seriously: pay up or watch your house burn.

Also in the vein of "Following a bad idea to its logical conclusion," Bachmann makes O'Reilly look like a bleeding heart liberal:
O'Reilly: Dragging [undocumented] people out, putting them on a bus with their children’s crying...
Bachmann: It can be done.  That's the thing, it can be done.

Robert Reich on Obama's latest speech.  Looks like our president finally ate his Wheaties.

The 99% collectively fund an ad campaign to make their message crystal clear.  Still think OWS has no demands?

Krugman on the results of austerity.  If Iceland was a failure and Ireland was a success, here's to failure!

Gingrich takes credit for trickle-down economics, and thus Romney's wealth.

Republicans will never let taxes increase.  Except on people who work for a paycheck.

30 biggest corporations sent more money to Washington for lobbying than for income taxes.

That's it for the morning.

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