Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jacques and Stairs

Jacques is a pretty quiet dog, only making a little noise when we leave him unattended, and he hasn't barked at much of anything or been cowered by other dogs, but it appears we've found his arch-nemesis.  Stairs.

On the way down to the ground level the first time we took him out he had absolutely no intention of going down the stairs. He comes when called.  He responds to a gentle tug on the leash.  He even puts all four feet on the ground when we chastise him for begging.  But there was no way he was coming up or down the stairs on his own.  He got down two stairs, and then turned right back around, walked back up, and lay down at the top when we tried to coax him down.

We carried him, but training is in order, since this is not a long-term solution.

1 comment:

  1. Yep -- basically...it was cute. But we've almost got him going down the stairs now after we show him it's not scary each time...

    It'll get better :-)