Friday, October 22, 2010

Cute animals shaking water off

This morning Mita and I woke up, and it was POURING rain.  But, we figured that regardless of nature's state, it might well be calling Jacques never the less, so out we went for a walk.

Jacques does not like water.  This is slightly odd, since poodles were bred to be water loving hunting dogs (the word "poodle" is derives from a German word that means "to splash in the water"), but regardless, he was not thrilled about the great outdoors.  We normally walk around the apartment building to let him do his morning business before we leave him all day alone, but today, we left through one door, and instead of sniffing the ground and looking for things to mark, he just kinda walked along with us, not unlike a sullen teenager.  And then he saw a door to the apartment, beckoning with its overhang and dry concrete, and he made a beeline to it.  Where he shook off vigorously to remove a large portion of the water from his fur,  a process analyzed in this adorable video, from, well, I'm not sure what it is, but here's the abstract, with a hi-res version of this video. 

Now I wish I'd video-taped Jacques dry himself off, because then I could test his fit to their model.

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