Thursday, November 12, 2015

Notes on having a large playful dog

Mita wrote an email to somebody who will be dog sitting for us.  Here are some choice excerpts. Note the emphasis on Rain eating everything and anything.  

  • Krinkle's kennel should be kept between Rain and the bed, or else she'll find a way to eat the bed through her kennel. She's done it before...
  • Rain will eat ANYTHING. I mean ANYTHING. So when we're around the house, we keep the bedroom and bathroom doors shut. [...] She will eat/play with your socks, underwear, shirts, etc.
  • Krinkle ehhh...knows sit. 
  • Kennel they both stay in the kennel when you're not in the house so they don't get bored through the couch. 
  • [Krinkle is] Very sweet[, but] bad with other dogs. If you take him to the dog park, please hold him in your arms at all times or else he is likely to start fights he can't finish. 

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