Friday, June 1, 2012

Stupid and a little Evil?

My verdict on the people who are running the world (ie, the central bankers) was that they're acting in the interests of their friends and selves by preserving the wealth of those holding oodles of cash.

Atrios says Stupid and/or Evil.

Both explanations work. Either way, it's all going to go very poorly.

In the 1940's Orwell wrote that the British ruling class had made itself stupid because stupidity was the only way they could keep on being selfish.  I think that really does explain quite a bit.  Any objective observer would notice that our current oligarchs keep saying incredibly stupid things ("inflation, be scared, it's almost here!!!!!!" or "if we lay people off, there will magically be more jobs!!!!!") that just happen to justify policies that keep their own money safe.

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