Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Front row seats?

More talk of a eurozone breakup.  My thoughts are thus
  1. If this all happens, we'll all be left sitting there with a stupid look saying "wow, that escalated quickly" [See Anchorman]
  2. NPR was babbling today about France drifting out of the core of the eurozone.  If France is out of the core, then what, it's Germany and the subject nations?
  3. Mita and I are taking a summer vacation to Paris this June/July.  If this happens while we're there, I will blog oodles, and do my best to get opinions of everybody I talk to
  4. With the rise of neo-nazis in Greece, I'm beginning to think that a euro breakup is not only inevitable, but crucial to prevent war, since when people start flying the Nazi flag and talking about the awful foreigners, again, things can escalate quickly.  
  5. We really really need to End This Depression Now

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