Thursday, March 8, 2012

The clearing at the end of the path

Over off to the right there's a list of blogs I read.  The top one has gone dormant, but I keep it up there because the archives are so good and I hope she will return.  The second one has been there because Lex has long given a mix of insight into conservative thought that I have found enlightening and thoughtful, along with excellent stories of the adventures and misadventures that come along with flying a tightly wound fighter jet.  On February 29th he wrote about a misadventure involving the gasket that seals the cockpit, and on March 6th he wrote about a failed component and a misadventure on landing.  Later that day he had another mishap, which will no doubt receive more attention than the rest, but will never be written about with Lex's characteristic eloquence and flair.  On Tuesday Carroll "Lex" LeFon stepped into the clearing at the end of the path as he likes to say about others who have done the same.  Godspeed Lex.

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