Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jacques the Dog, now an Android App

Google has just opened up the Beta of their App-Inventor.  It's awesome, it's like lego-mindstorms for an android phone.  Except you don't really actually need the phone, if you just want to write an app.  Like I did.  If you have an android phone, point it at the QR code below, and let me know if it successfully downloads the app, titled something like "JacquesGoesWoof."  Because, really, who doesn't need an app to let you click on a picture of my small poodle mix, and hear the sound of a large german shepherd barking?
Also, below is google's explanatory video.

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  1. Had a lot of fun with you, Mita and your folks. What a pleasure it is to see you heading into the oncoming hitherto so energetically.

    In case you missed this it speaks in detail to one of our conversations last night about gov't spending comparisons between current expenditures and the Great Depression: